First name: Dyanna (I’m on the right) I’m 17, 18 in July, and I live in the US.

Languages I speak: I speak English and Spanish fluently. I also know some french.

Email/Tumblr: My e-mail is Dyanna.gicelle@gmail.com and my Tumblr is Lovemeeeformeee.tumblr.com

Books: I love reading poetry and romance/drama books. I’m currently hooked on author Meggie Royer, she has a Tumblr called writings for winter (I highly recommend!!)

Films: My favorite films include: 6 Years, If I Stay, Goodbye First Love (among other Romance films.) 

TV Shows: AHS, OITNB, Once Upon A Time, iZombie, The Flash, Jessica Jones, Arrow, and much more thanks to Netflix <3 

Music: Favorite artists/bands include: Alessia Cara, Halsey, The Civil Wars, Iron and Wine, Selena Gomez, Panic! At the Disco, Dodie Clark, Ed Sheeran, and many more.

Other interests: I enjoy photography, journaling/writing, singing. I also like to give people sharpie tattoos 😀

What I would like in a pen pal: Any age, location, gender, religion, sexuality is fine with me. I’m open to many different experiences and learning about different places around the world!

Preferred method of contact: I’d rather get to know you first through e-mail/Tumblr and then move on to Snail Mail, so we can send each other letters/packages and what not! Can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

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