Hi, hallo, saluton, こんにちは, 您好, مرحبا, 안녕!


Hey there! My name is Alex, I’m 20, and I live in Michigan, US. 

My email address is alexandreshaedelano @ gmail . com and I check it regularly.

I am looking for someone to talk to, particularly for language/culture exchange, but if you’re just a cool cat and you’d like to be friends anyway, I’m fine with that! If you’re a student of any of the below languages, that’s even better, so we can learn together! I’d like someone who I can email regularly, send letters back and forth with (snail mail),and just be good friends with! If you’d like culture exchange (not just language exchange), please either be native to or living in Japan, China, South Korea, Germany, or anywhere in the Middle East (Bahrain, Iraq, Algeria, etc.).

I’m very interested in different languages, particularly Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, Arabic, and Esperanto. If you speak any of these languages fluently or you’re a student of them, great! If not, that’s fine, too! If we become close, maybe we can visit or Skype sometime, although I’m very shy, sorry! I love photography, drawing and digital art, astronomy, reading, astrology, lots of different genres of music, Tumblr, food, animals, learning about new languages and cultures, travel, and lots of other things! I’m a biology and anthropology student, and I would like to minor in Japanese. Let’s talk about anything and everything! 😀

Like I said, you don’t have to be fluent or even learning any of the above languages – but it’s a plus! Anyone is welcome to say hi! 🙂

Random fact: I am a transgender male!. (sorry that’s not too interesting!)

It’s nice to meet you!!

P.S – My Tumblr is delalexandre.tumblr.com
I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon.
My email (as said above) is
alexandreshaedelano @ gmail . com, 

and I am always willing to add you on Facebook or text (if you’re in the US)! Let’s be friends!

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