first name: sarah

age: 20

location: mississippi, usa

languages: english, very little french

email: plantsarefriends2 @ gmail . com

about me: i go by smurf, i have a fox tattoo covering my right thigh [because i feel as though i have much in common with the fox mentality], open minded, secular humanist, independent, rosy cheeks, giddy but intense.. although i do not believe in astrology, i am uncannily similar to the description of my sign, the scorpio.

my interests: Tedtalks, Scishow, dancing, hands on arts and crafts, driving through “old money” neighborhoods and appreciating the unique architecture, baking, traveling, hearing geocaching stories, filling up my journals with temporary feelings, rewatching old fashion shows [ie chanel metier d’art fw/15], going to the plantarium, walking through the woods in our wildlife refuge and building fairy gardens,

looking for:

  • a crafty and passionate pen pal – i want genuine conversations plus i love a little self expression [art drawings / small cute knick knacks // *boys: no worries, im not expecting frilly envelopes with pressed flowers 😉 unless you’re into that, then hell yeah !! ]
  • long term pen pals
  • any age
  • any country

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