Hey there. My name is Eric, and that’s my dog Levi

I’m 23 years old from NJ, US. 

I like writing, but barley do it. I’d love to be able to have a reason to write more, and a pen pal fits the bill.

Don’t wanna give everything away about myself, but I’m extremely passionate about music, movies, and sports. 

I’d really like a pen pal because I feel I’ve become complacent. I’ve been around the same people my whole life and would really like to branch out. 

Prefer people 21&over. Other countries would be cool, but USA is def okay. 

I’m a sap, and like talking about life and love and all that good stuff in between. 

You can check out my social media pages to see if you’d like to write to me.

Message me anywhere, hope to hear from someone soon!
: Yeic
Instagram: yeic_

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