Greetings people of the world!


Hello :D, my name is Andrea and I am 17 year old girl (well actually I turn 18 this month…not mentally ready for that). I am 100% Mexican last time I checked, and I live in Mexico. 

Things I love: Musicals ( specially Spring Awakening!), SUSHI!, sloths, chilaquiles, slam poetry, movies, reading, listening to music, hearing different accents, green tea (it calms me down), and SNL

Things I dislike: Close-minded people, waking up early, really spicy food ( weird…),  the screeching sound a fork makes against a plate, sexism, and racism.

Things I am looking for in a pen pal: Someone around my age who would like to write back and forth longish emails.

My email address is: agonzalezaleu @
And my url is : 

Hope to hear from you soon!

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