Name: Gabrielle
Age:16 (1/18)

From: San Diego, CA USA (lived in San Francisco, Boise ID, and Yokosuka Japan.) 

Hobbies: art, drawing, reading YA novels, animation, anime, 

Likes: Peter Pan, Howls Moving Castle, How To Train Your Dragon, Miraculous Ladybug, cats, greek mythology, astronomy, and related to the ocean. 

Dislikes: seafood, hatefulness, people who nock done religion, race, gender, sexual orientation. 

Im looking for:
Anyone who has a common interest or just wants to become friends 

Contact me by:
Skype buddy
(but only message for now) –
Kik – catching14stars
Email – frogladygh @
But am open to snail mail.
Any other contacts contact me on my tumblr

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