<p>Hello 🙂
My name is Iveta, I’m from Slovakia and I just turned 17.<br><br>

I love.. Uh..many things, I’m quite an active person, but animals and country life stole my heart. <br>
I’m not good at talking about myself, but I’ll try 😉 <br>
I like simple things in my life – great people, adventurous life, old things and country music (Alan Jackson, George Strait, Christian Kane), but I listen to any kind of music. Oh, and I like beer. And whiskey. And mead (I hope I translated it right, I mean alcohol made from honey). Many people say I act like a guy.<br><br>

Well, nobody likes long descriptions, but everybody loves long letters. 😀 <br>
I will be happy for every single one who writes 🙂
Preferencess: somebody with similar lifestyle? Screw that, just anyone 🙂 <br>
Write me PM on @palehippie or @countrypalehippie and I’ll send you address :))

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