Hi! My name’s Tamar, I’m 15 (16 in February) and from England. 

I found this and thought it’d be really cute to have someone to send letters or messages online too in another country. 

My interests include history, Lady Gaga, Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh, Welcome to Night Vale, reading and spending too much time on the internet or sleeping :p I’m also an INFJ and I’m currently learning to play the violin (but I’m not very good at it)

What do I look for in a penpal?  I am looking for a penpal who I can talk to through social media or snail mail, whatever they’re comfortable with. Although I love languages, I only know some French so if you can speak at least some English, that would be great. I’d also prefer someone around my age group, so roughly between the ages of 14-18.

A fact about me: In the future, I’d like to be an Egyptologist or do something that could involve archaeology in another country.

You can contact me at:
Email: darkyugigirl @

I can give you links to other social media or an address to send letters to once I’ve spoken to you a bit.

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