Hi there! 

My name is Will (on the right). I’m a 20/21 year old from the South West of England. I’m currently studying primary education at a local university in preparation to become a primary school teacher. 

I love music first and foremost. I play guitar, a bit of piano and a bit of drums. I’m that guy at the party who brings his guitar and leads everyone in a rendition of Taylor Swift’s greatest hits. Speaking of which, music taste: The Gaslight Anthem and Taylor Swift hold my heart and then brutally drop it to the floor in between the two of them. I love all genres, from Kendrick Lamar to Ke$ha and One Direction to Bruce Springsteen. 

In regards to what I want from a pen pal…I would like someone to talk about life with. Tell me more than what you do; though that helps, tell me why you do the things you do and what brought you to that. Let’s share songs that get us through the day and everything in between. Tell me where your favourite coffee place is (In a completely not-creepy kinda way). Let’s just share the facets of our existence through the medium of ink. 

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a penchant for the poetic and will no doubt write quotes and song lyrics in the columns of correspondence. 

If you’re keen for conversation via letter (snail mail) then shoot me a message at:

(Disclaimer regarding blog name: Does NOT want to construct a romantic endeavour – Moreover loves changing the lyrics to Frozen songs) 

Speak soon, 

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