Name: Taylor 

Age: 20

Location: USA 

So my random list of likes includes Game of Thrones, Bobs Burgers, The Story So Far, Neck Deep, photography, tattoos, traveling, Knuckle Puck, Gilmore Girls, poetry, Archer, makeup, tea, nature, anything Disney or Studio Ghibli, Bee and Puppycat, crystals, animals, comics, manga, anime, Toradora!, The Last Unicorn, fiction, books, and chocolate. 

My dislikes at the moment include Trump, homophobic people, closed minded people, people that always feel the need to correct someones grammar/spelling (mostly because I write how I speak ha). 

I moved to a newish town with my boyfriend and I have yet to find someone I can talk to about anything. Im currently attending school, working in at a veterinary hospital in the kennel/daycare, and volunteering at a zoo I grew up with. My favorite color is red but Im attracted to anything pink and black. My zodiac is Cancer, not that its important but it can be interesting to talk about. At the moment Im reading a book about color theory/chakras and another about zen. Ive had a lot of changed in my life recently so Ive been interested in self discovery.  

Im looking for someone 19-23 to share whats going on in my life with in hope that they do the same. Any location/gender is fine. Im up for emailing, texting, and snail mail. 

Contact me at http://escape-angel.tumblr.com and we can go from there c:

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