Pen pal? Pen pal!


Hey, my name’s ravina, I’m 18 and I live in Canada. I’m an aries and I think that I’m an intp if you’re wondering!

TV: the walking dead, parks and rec, teen wolf, spn, GoT, the originals, quantico

Music: my favorite band is arctic monkeys but I could go on and on about my musical taste. I’d say I mostly listen to anything alt, rock, indie and house.

I also love hockey, traveling, napping and eating. I spend most of my day in college or daydreaming or both at the same time.

I speak 4 languages but I can only write in french and english.

If you need someone to listen to you, give you advice on anything, teach you french, talk about shows/music/hockey or simply share stories then I’m your girl! I’d love to write over email! 

Just inbox me on tumblr (archindiekid)

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