Hello there, My name is Allison, though I go by Al. I am 19 years old currently living in Missouri, USA.

Some of my interests include:
Cats, hello kitty, aliens, zombies, singing (I sing all the time, like way too much), dancing, giraffes, stationery, mythological creatures, tattoos, piercings, etc

I am looking for a pen pal of any age but females only please. I want a pen pal who is willing to write long letters and send stationery, and little gifts back and fourth with each letter. Somebody who feels you would have similar interests with me. I’m getting use to having international pen pals, so I wouldn’t mind a few here and there as the stamps do cost a lot and it takes so long to receive mail, but I’m patient. I would also like to send packages back and fourth every once in a while.

I make my own envelopes, write long letters, always include goodies of some sort in each of my letters, I decorate everything, I even make bracelets, I do cool folding letters or pocket letters but I MUST note I will only put as much effort into my letters as you put into yours, I’ve just had way too many dissapointing letters after I put my heart and soul into my letters

You can contact me on any two tumblr of mine: @teardropprincess or @envelope-dreams

Or you can contact me on my instagram @ envelopedreams

I’m looking forward to making long term pen friends! (:

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