Need a friend.


Hello There :)! I never know how to begin this kind of thing it’s like if I try to sell myself ahah

So my name is Katherine, 18 years and I live in Canada.

I’m a social awkward person who speak french normally (so yes, this is why I do many mistakes in english)

Uh, I like a lot of thing and I’m a very open mind person 🙂

  • I like to read (I read a lot, book, fiction…) in fact, I think I read to much of fan fiction (even if I’m not in the fandom.. so yeah I like reading 🙂
  • I alors like tv show and movie :)! My favorite tv show are Grey’s anatomy, Orange is the new black, The 100, Criminals minds, Skins (I’m not watching supernatural but I know a lot of thing about it). For the movie I really love Harry Potter :D!! (Fangirl here), Star Wars, The reader, The way he look, To write love on her arms……. I love a lot of different kind of movie 🙂

I can speak english as you can see but also french 😀 (Because I’m from Quebec hehe)

I don’t know what to say anymore, I search anybody who want to talk with me 🙂 And I would like to have a real friendship, not something that is for 1 week

I wold really like to have a penpal with who I can write snail mail, would you be interested?

My e-mail: Katherine.dumont98 @

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