Hi, ummm. I’m makayla, 17. I’m basically an old person in a girls body. I like writing letters rather than texting. I’m really bad at small talk and finding people who share the same interests as me. Music-wise, I really like Melanie martinez, j cole, Frank ocean, blind melon, ray lamontagne, and watsky. I really love books even though I can’t seem to finish them very fast anymore. I spend a lot of my time working for a restaurant that makes me question my life choices. I love dexter, ahs, skins, weeds, oitnb, and izombie. I’m really fascinated by houses. Like everything about them, I have no idea why. But yeah, that’s me I guess. So if I haven’t bored you yet, feel free to message me or email me if you want a weird penpal.
Tumblr is eebalyakam,
Email is makayla.mykel@gmail. com

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