Friends Wanted


Hello! my name is Diana I’m a 29 year old Friend seeker. Full time wife & weirdo, part time designer & blogger. Somewhat of a culture chock expert and a bit of a unicorn wannabe. Basically a mix between that girl that wants to rule the world and the John Snow of adulthood. I have a dark sense of humor and a strong relationship with sarcasm and I’m a norteña (from Baja California) but I’m settled in the UK.

Currently hunting for any kinda pal (pen, email, etc) to talk about culture, food, books, life and any other shenanigans you might think of (I’m really open minded and like to talk about pretty mush anything, as long as is not plots about killing puppies or anything like that)

I am doing this among other things trying not go to crazy. as I have absolutely 0 friends here, if you are interested or have any comments or suggestions feel free to say hi at

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