Penpals and Long Term Friends Wanted


Hi my names Hayley, I am 29 and based in the South East of the UK . I am bisexual in a het relationship and identify as female the majority of the time. 

I would love to make pen-pals from all over the world. Especially those interested in social justice issues. 

I am interested in pen-pals from all over but some specific preferences would be LA, Portland, Vancouver, Japan, South America, Scotland, but don’t let it stop you in you are not from one of these areas. I would love to exchange snail mail, packages, photos or art with likeminded individuals. 

About me: I love thrift shopping, have a pretty serious tea and ASMR addiction,( I dont know which is worse at this point), I enjoy watching documentaries, as well as getting my Dr Phil fix and catching up on my fave you tube channels Kat Blaque, Stef Sanjati, ALBinwonderland, Just Latasha, Buzzfeed, ASMR requests and Heather Feather, I also love travel, experiencing new cultures, psychology, and learning. 

  • My fave tv shows are Game of Thrones, Parks and Rec, The Real, Real Housewives, Criminal Minds, Extreme Cheapskates, Bloodline, My Kitchen Rules etc etc
  • My fave movies are Dead Poets Society, Jack, Dogma, Dear White People, Scott Pilgrim, Beetlejuice, StepBrothers, Kick Ass,  Mysterious Skin, Love and Mercy, Watership Down plus many more

A random fact about me is: Cycling along the rice paddies in Hoi An, Vietnam is probably my favorite experience of my whole life. 

So if any of this appeals to you,
email me at wycd1987 @ gmail. com

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