Hi there 🙂 My name is Đurđica (pronounced jer-jitsa). I’m currently 21 and living in Connecticut, US but originally from Croatia. Also a college student and double majoring in psychology and business data analytics.

I used to do snail mail with my friends who moved back to Japan before but it seems like nobody really has the time for it anymore. I was recently looking at the scrapbook of old letters that I have and realized how much I missed it! There’s something really warm and personal about getting a handwritten letter from someone.

Anyways, I like a lot of things! But especially people. I spend a lot of my time mentoring and volunteering in several places that mainly involve just.. talking to people, being there for them when they’re going through rough patches in their life, whether they are homeless or just unsure of what to do for college. I also really love psychology, philosophy, astronomy, biology, classical music (I tutor piano), candles, hiking, exploring caverns, bats, a lot of things!

I really hope to get the opportunity to meet someone who’s passionate about something or anyone in need of someone to maybe talk to about things they have on their mind. 🙂 preferably someone younger than 30.

I also work part time in papyrus so I have a lot of funky stationary xD

Contact – Durdicaabramovic @

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