Hi! My name is Ariel and I’m 17.

I’m basically looking for a “penpal” but I’m a lot more comfortable with texting/messaging/email than snail mail.
•I’m from Florida, USA and would prefer someone around my age (14-18/19, preferably a girl) within a few timezones of myself (if not it’s fine!)
•I’m a Scorpio and very sarcastic
•Interests: giving advice, someone who responds and I won’t lose contact with, nature, photography, art, 5sos, 1d, nirvana, conspiracy theories, netflix, tv shows, acting, theatre, and probably anything that interests you! I love learning about people and would honestly love to hear about someone’s day/listen to rants.
•Not interested in: a relationship, your nudes, mean people, creepy people
•I only speak English 🙁

The best way to contact me is probably just to message me here on tumblr or send a DM to my IG, @/arieljmoore ☺️ hope to hear from you soon!

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