Hey! My name is Kristen, 26 years old and the proud mother of a basset hound and black lab. I live and work in Newnan, Ga USA(where they film the walking dead). It’s nothing special but it’s home. I work at an animal hospital and live in the downtown lofts.
I like tattoos, animals, oddities , body mods, writing, reading, book shopping, cooking, music, movies, leopard print, thrifting, vinyl records, traveling, cleaning, Twin Peaks!, Lord of the Rings, Chuck Palahniuk , X-Files , Sailor Moon, jeeps, Bret Easton Ellis, Arthur Nersesian, exercising, health, fitness, vegetarianism, Mother Nature, jrr Tolkien , Breaking Bad,documentaries, and spooky things.
Dislikes… Rude people, irresponsible pet owners, and half my neighbors.
I’d like pen pal friends who would like to hear about my quirky life and animal hospital adventures. And also tumblr buddies as well. 
If you’re interested contact me at…

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