Looking for an Italian pen pal


Hi guys, I’m Liz! I’m from the United States

I’m looking for (preferably) a pen pal from Italy or someone that speaks fluent Italian. In University I’m learning Italian, and I would really like to improve – I am more the willing to help someone with their English, too! I couldn’t seem to attach a picture of myself no matter what I tried, I’m sorry! 🙁


Name: Liz
Age: 20
Location: Oklahoma, United States
Language(s): English, beginner Italian

My likes and interests: I love movies, reading, writing, and analyzing book/show/movie characters, or the entire movie/book/show itself! I also rather enjoy listening to people tell me about their day. I’m also a pretty big music fanatic; while taste is rather eclectic, but I am definitely the type of person who can listen to the same song on repeat for 20,000 times and still love it.

My dislikes: I tend to be wary of people that don’t like animals without any sufficient reason (e.g., an animal attack when younger), or people unwilling to listen to others.

What I’m looking for in a pen pal: I would prefer someone from Italy or someone who fluently speaks Italian. My main purpose is to improve the language and, if you wish, help you improve your English to the best of my ability. But I am open to anyone, really, who is interested in being pen pals with me. However, I do have one requirements: since I’m an adult, I would prefer someone 18-25. There will be no adult themes or conversation within the messages*, but this just makes me feel a little bit better.

Gender/sexuality/religion doesn’t matter to me – just be over 18. I would prefer snail mail since I like writing letters, but I’m open to email, tumblr messaging, and working up to Skype.

Contact information: 
Message me on my tumblr,
in-all-my-glory.tumblr.com/ )
(which is currently filled with Star Wars trash, my apologies)

*this does not include strong adult language such as “taxes,” “briefcase,” or “how do I make my own appointments?” 😉

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