Looking for new friends!


hello everyone. I’m Nisha, I’m a 23 (will be 24 in august) y.o from Indonesia. 

I’m looking for email buddies from anywhere around the world. I would love to do snail mail, but unfortunately right now I don’t have any time to do that, also my money are a little bit tight this year 🙁

Some Facts About Me : 

  • I don’t like shopping (except shopping for books! for which I’d spend a lot of money to)
  • I love travelling, but I’ve never been outside south-east asia. 
  • though, in my free time, I’d mostly cuddle up in my bed, with some Michael Buble or John Mayer on the loop, a really good book in my lap, and a cup of coffee beside me.
  • Hate crowded places, it makes me tired and grumpy.
  • a huge fan of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Orange is The New Black, Friends, Orphan Black (although I probably wouldn’t watch the series again if Delphine does died), and many more.

What I’m looking for?

  • An email buddy, preferably around my age. 
  • But I’d love to talk to anyone
  • a nice, polite, and open minded person.

We can talk a bit in tumblr until both of us really sure about each other and want to write longer emails. So you can message me on my tumblr page below, and let’s get to know one another 🙂

Contact – redrosesummer.tumblr.com/

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