Hello, I am Isabell, soon-to-be-20-year old and from Germany. 

I’m interested in literature, philosophy and art. In my leisure I enjoy meeting up with friends who make me laugh, listening to music and mainly reading, really. Also, I tend to sleep too little. I cherish thoughfulness and self-made items, platonic love is a paramountcy.

Onto my dislikes; I’m super bad in maths  and although this is probably irrelevant I am desinterested in most sciences. You shouldn’t be hidebound or expect a lukewarm friendship if you want to be involved with me as I am loyal once really close. 

I am looking for someone to exchange snail mail with, preferably with someone around the age of 19-23 who draws and utilizes cute stationary. Also, I am interested in people from the Netherlands, Finland or Scotland but it all added up to Americans so far. Thank you and have a good day! (:

Oh, one random fact: I often cry when I have to laugh, although being poingnant usually.


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