Karina // 21 // Orlando, FL (US)


  • fine art
  • photography, mainly portrait and fashion/beauty
  • poetry
  • kawaii as heck anything!
  • art art art
  • tattoos
  • zines
  • matthew gray gubler


  • nutella
  • an overload of stickers (weird dislike, idk why????)
  • school LOL

What I’m looking for: 

I’d really like a poetry/art pen pal. I want to send my poetry and photography prints, but not really send any detailed, personal letters. I’m just really interested in reading other’s poetry and them reading mine. Also, if you want to send any form of art that you create or find, that’s cool too, but my main focus is poetry. Snail mail only, please

I’m looking for someone 19+, preferably in their 20s, but younger than 30. I only speak english, but I’m very open to international pen friend as long as there is no language barrier. 

Random fact about myself: I almost made it onto America’s Next Top Model, but they cut me from the audition process because I didn’t have a sob story for them to work off of. (Still bitter about it to this day.)

Contact: karinasuzanne @ yahoo .com

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