Name: I prefer my middle name, which is Sofia (if we ever snail mail I’ll give you my first so that you can write it on the envelope)

Age: 17

Languages I speak: english, spanish, understandable french, a few german words (but trynig to learn more)

Email/Tumblr: impossibleness.tumblr.com

Books/Films/TV Shows/music I like: anything fantasy (lotr/harry potter/etc), superheroes and anything related, sherlock holmes in any form, classics (books, tv shows and movies), and anything disney. I like many tipes of music, mostly rock but some pop, indie, and even some classical music.

Other interests: writing, dance, rythmic gymnastics, science, feminism, equality, greek mythology, theatre, photography, drawing, painting.

What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy: 16-24, location and language don’t matter as long as we can communicate. I would love to practice french or learn more german, and I could also help somebody learn/practice english or spanish. 

I would like to have a snail mail penpal, and maybe at some point talk on skype, but if you just want to chat on tumblr/email that’s fine too

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