Hi! My name is Eszter. I’m a 15 year old hungarian girl who lives in Italy! I’m looking for a tumblr/email penpal!

  • languages i speak: english, hungarian and some italian
  • music: I like all kinds of music, especially alternative and indie pop/rock (for example: bastille, florence and the machine, panic at the disco, fall out boy, arctic monkeys). I also like to listen to instrumental music/video game soundtracks. I like kpop too (bts is my favourite group)
  • fandoms: I dont watch many tv series but i like anime and manga (especially tokyo ghoul, noragami and gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun).
  • I read a lot, and i usually read young adult books like the harry potter series and the hunger games. I like welcome to night vale,too.
  • other interests: I like drawing and painting, and im interested in photography and art history. I also like diy things. 
  • im looking for a person between the ages of 14-16! any nationality is fine, though i would be very happy if i could talk to someone in italian, because i need to practice the language 😀 
  • my tumblr is cats-blogging. if you want  my email adress, send me a message on my blog with a short description of yourself, and i’ll definietly answer!

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