A PenPal from Hawaii


me and my grandma :)

Name: Blaine/Wailani

Age: 20

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Email: blainej @ hawaii.edu

Likes: Fall Out Boy, Supernatural, Doctor Who, horseback riding, swimming and reading. Traveling as well as eating 😀 

I am looking for a PenPal for snail mail, email, Skype. Also hopefully for someone to eventually visit to see your culture and vice versa! Preferably around my age of 20. Hawaii is the only place in the US with as many different cultures as we have and I would love to get to know yours! Also hopefully someone from the UK!! I’ve never seen snow or been in the cold, so I would love to see winter and fall!!

Random Fact: I am a hula dancer! (taking a break), I also took Japanese for 4 years, some Arabic and grew up around spoken Hawaiian



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