Hi! I’m Megan (or Maggie) from Ontario, Canada. I’ll be eighteen in March, and I’m looking for someone to talk to casually. 

I’d like to start off with emails, but once I trust someone I’d be happy to Skype and/or exchange snail mail.

I’m bi, and a vegan so I’d love to meet other vegetarians/vegans and people in the LGBT+ community but neither are by any means necessary! If you aren’t a vegetarian, I promise not to lecture you on your diet. All I ask is that you don’t criticize my own decisions.

My plan after highschool is to move to either Toronto or Montreal (two very large Canadian cities, for those of you who don’t know) and pursue acting / writing / other artsy endeavours, so I would LOVE to talk to people with similar mindsets (writers, artists, etc) but that’s not necessary either! All I really want is to talk to someone interesting.

I’m comfortable talking to anyone sixteen and older, and gender, race, religion, sexuality, etc doesn’t matter to me whatsoever.

My email (for this purpose) is inxigo18 @
and you can also find me at my tumblr which is also

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