Miranda . 23
USA . Wisconsin
Native tongue . English
Fluent in . German
Currently learning . Japanese and French

Contact Info . I have made a new tumblr, mirniebehappie.tumblr.com, previously fingersinalightsocket.tumblr.com. You can also contact me via email mirniebehappie@yahoo.com.

Pen-Pal Material . I am looking for a pen-pal who would like to write letters back and forth, and send little gifts or trinkets when possible. I am asking that I have a girl pen-pal because I do have a boyfriend, and I want to respect him. As for age, around my age would be great, no one under 20 and no one over 30. I would also prefer to have a pen-pal outside the USA, perhaps Japan or Germany or another. Reason being, I want to expand my knowledge of languages and experience different cultures.

Summary . If you could not tell from that last sentence, I LOVE different cultures and learning different languages. They are passions of mine. Along with loving languages, I also enjoy reading, watching movies, playing my hand-held video games, spending time with my boyfriend and also my family, and more. I have a pet cat, her name is Fia. My boyfriend and I are planning to get bearded dragons, a hedgehog, fish, and more! I am definitely an animal lover. Along with working full-time, I am going to school part-time.

Movies/TV Shows . I own over 1,000 movies, so I can’t say that I have a favourite. However, I do have a least favourite genre: scary. I am a semi-paranoid person and cannot mentally handle scary movies or television shows. I enjoy comedies, romantics, histories, and animes.

Books . The dislike of scary content applies here as well. I do not read scary stories or mysteries. I enjoy fiction, non-fiction, as well as some mangas.

Video Games . I wish I were more of a gamer, but I’m not. I cannot play complex games, I do best with simple. I have the hand-held Nintendo games and the PS Vita. Game wise, to name a few: Animal Crossing, Super Princess Peach, any of the Tales Of game series, Sword Art Online, and Pokemon.

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