Hello everyone, my name is zac, I’m 18 years old and looking for a penpal or friends. I live in California, United states. Im a highschool graduate, currently working but plan on going to college to become a nurse one day. I love helping others. It’s a habit of mine. I have a variety of music, I mainly listen to metal though. Some of the bands I enjoy are five finger death punch, slayer, kataklysm, system of a down and so on. Favorite movies are half baked, a haunted house, nightmare on elm street, and friday the 13th. I don’t really read books but my favorite author is Stephen king. I love to travel and go to concerts. Well thats all I can think of right now, Anyone is really welcomed to email me or snapchat me. I really do hope to hear from some of you soon.
Email: zacwilcox16@gmail.com
Snapchat: veilofzac.

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