Hello world! My name is Brigi, I’m a 28 years old (so old!) girl from Hungary. I’ve been penpalling for more than 10 years and I’ve made some wonderful friends via letters. In the past few years I’ve lost contact with some of them due to all sorts of reasons, and now I’d like to find some new friends to exchange letters with.

A few things I like: reading (some of my favourites are Jane Austen, Nick Hornby, David Sedaris, Stephen Fry, Agatha Christie), translation, travelling (and also, staying at home), learning new things, animals (especially my cat), letters and postcards, scarves, tv shows (especially sitcoms and detective series), tea and coffee, feminism, gender and queer studies, Pilates, radio comedy, word games, music (e. g. Kaiser Chiefs, A Great Big World, Hurts, Walk The Moon) and so on. I have quite a few nerdy/geeky interests. Oh, and I really like food. Om nom.

Dislikes: I’m a grumpy catlady, so there’s always something I’m not entirely satisfied with. Also, frogs. They are the worst.

Random fact about me: My guiding principle in life is that if you can’t go somewhere in jeans, it’s not worth going there in the first place.

I think I’d like to meet someone in their 20s or 30s, but more importantly I’d like to meet someone who feels we have something in common and who enjoys writing longish letters on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect a novel every two weeks, but I think some regularity is nice when it comes to penpalling (and any kind of friendship).

I don’t use tumblr that often so if you are interested in getting to know me, drop me a line here:

bridgeolvas @ gmail . com 

Hope to hear from you soon! :o)

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