Age: 20
Location: Alabama
Contact: turnitoffandsmile.tumblr.com
About me: I’m a very easy going graphic design student that loves to talk to people and make new friends. 
Interest/hobbies: I adore music and feel happiest when I’m at festivals and concerts. I love being outside and I have a small container garden that I enjoy keeping up with. I am really passionate about art and I’m constantly trying to make something new. 
Favourite books/films/tv shows: Wes Anderson movies take up a lot of spaces in my list of favorites. I also love well written comedy. I watch a lot of lighthearted stuff with a small side of heart wrenching. 
What would you like to send/receive? Snail mail! I’d love to send little things with my letters.
Who would you like to send and receive mail from? Anyone from 18-25. It’s easier for me to talk to other creative types but I’m open to anyone 🙂
What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to? Probably from the US if it’s snail mail just because it’s cheaper but if you are outside the US feel free to message me! We could still send letters just maybe not as often 🙂

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