Name: Kimera (kim-er-uh) 
Age: 18
Country: USA
Language: English

Hi, I’m Kimera. I’m looking for a penpal to exchange snail mail with. I already have a couple lovely penpals from the US and I think it would be really cool to find a penpal from a different country to send art, photos, things from my country, and maybe cute packages sometimes. 

Interests: as far as music goes, I like twenty one pilots, halsey, brand new, panic at the disco, a day to remember, the weeknd, childish gambino, bring me the horizon, the story so far, and fall out boy. 

  • Movies: Fight club, Donnie darko, lord of the rings trilogy, the hunger games, quite a few disney/pixar movies, and a lot more. 
  • TV: It’s always sunny in philadelphia, the office, parks and rec, Mr. Robot, teen wolf, arrested development. 

I love the Harry Potter books. I’m a big Harry potter fan. I also love photography, cute mail art, drawing, art journaling, traveling, and meaningful conversations. Psychology and the Zodiac signs (I’m a scorpio) interest me very much. 

I’d like to exchange snailmail with someone who is 16-20 years old, can speak English since it’s the only language I speak, and is from a different country. I’d like to email or tumblr message first so we can get to know each other before I give my adress. those are my only preferences. =) 

Email: kijoba2008 @ 

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