Hello! My name is Danielle, but you can call me Dani. I’m 23 years old and I’m from Grand Rapids, MI in the United States. I speak English, and I have a basic knowledge of Spanish, although it’s pretty rusty. I would love to be able to work on it, though!

I’m looking for someone to exchange emails, art, snail mail, texts, tumblr messenger, and just talk about our cultures. I would like to talk to someone around my age (18-28), and it doesn’t matter where you’re from. International pen pals would be awesome, but I’m not picky. Race/gender/sexuality doesn’t matter at all, either! I’m just looking for people to form lasting friendships with! =)

So, about me…

  • I’m very shy, so it’s difficult for me to meet new people.
  • I live with my girlfriend (we’ve been together 3 years) and our pets!
  • I LOVE animals, so we have 2 dogs, a cat, 5 rats, a hedgehog, and fish
  • I’m a dog sitter and a nanny. It’s great because I get paid to play with dogs and children.
  • I’m not currently in school, but I was going for film and, before that, psychology with minors in dance and special education.
  • I’m pansexual and a cis female; my preferred pronouns are she/her
  • I really love talking about anything and everything, and I LOVE learning about different cultures/parts of the world
  • Sarcasm is right up my alley, and sometimes I swear too much
  • It’s my dream to one day travel the world!

Things I Like:

  • Queen, The Beatles, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Ed Sheeran, Halsey, classic rock, punk rock, MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!!!!
  • Harry Potter, Moulin Rouge, Dead Poets Society, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dr. Horrible, scary movies, Disney movies, The Maze Runner series, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Lord of the Rings series, film in general!!!
  • The Office, Daredevil, Agent Carter, House Hunters, Ghost Adventures (zak bagans 4 lyfe), Doctor Who, Firefly, Friends, Parks & Recreation
  • Harry Potter, Catcher in the Rye, The Martian, Divergent series, Treasure Island, The Book Thief, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, 1984, The Hunger Games trilogy, I love reading!!!
  • dancing, singing, acting, photography, reading, writing, travel
  • Marvel, penguins, pugs, space!!!, feminism, musicals, role-playing, leather, coffee, foreign languages, tattoos, autumn, people watching, history

Things I Dislike:

  • People who are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted, etc.
  • People who are ignorant and close-minded
  • People who are mean and insensitive, especially when it comes to dealing with mental illnesses/disabilities
  • So basically anyone who isn’t a kind, genuine, understanding, caring person

Random Fact:

  • I’m hoping to get my very first tattoo soon! I have over 15 planned that I want eventually, and a lot of them have to do with space/music. I can’t wait!!

So yeah! I can’t wait to meet you! =)
Email (without spaces):
danirpsthings @ aol. com
Tumblr: winter–
Instagram: danioftheadams

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