Name/Age: Peter, age 18

Location: Texas, US freaking A!

About me: I speak English(obviously) Spanish and French. I play soccer and speedball. I play the saxophone for the band I am open minded and interested in many things. We can say that I’m kinda crazy in a good way! I love adventures and trying new things.I am a filmmaker and I enjoy letting my creativity flow and i enjoy making videos.I love writing, thinking (im open minded). Im working myself up to become a great director. My latest film “Project Overclock (yes its online) won 1st place! One of my videos went viral last May, that was blast! I like to very active!

Interests: I’ll try and keep this as short as I can cuz I tend to go on about things I like a lot. I am a geek. I enjoy many fandoms, Marvel/DC being my favorite (the picture explains it all and i can now say i met Stan Lee) DR. Who. StarWars. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings,I love films! Like any kind of film will do. Avengers and Interstellar being my favorites. I read comics.Love going on adventures and trying new stuff. Figuring out ideas and discoveries. Celtic culture (is that werid) I enjoy science (astronomy) and conspiracies. I play video games (Halo COD Mario GTA). I love Tv shows such as The Walking Dead, Sherlock, House of Cards, Blacklist, The Mentalist, Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil, Flash, Arrow, Gotham, Breaking Bad, and many more!

I enjoy a variety of music.I listen to whatever I like the sound of. I love classic rock (ACDC, Aerosmith, lynyrd skynyrd, Queen) I also like Imagine Dragons and Fallout boy 21 pilots Avenge 7 fold.Panic! At the Disco. I really enjoy film scores as well. Hans Zimmers my friend.

My type of friend would be anyone really, I dont have a perfect penpal but a big bonus would be if you were a bit crazy and geeky, like me. I want to exchange ideas and see the view points of people across the world and widen my view on various topics.

feel free to notify me if your interested – always looking for new friends. Dont be afraid and send me a message. Looking for long lasting friendships. It would be awesome to talk to someone from Scotland or Ireland but if not, everyone is welcomed! Send a picture of yourself when contacting me! We can talk thru email maybe later by other means. just send your username. And also im looking for a writer to help me with a new screenplay!

 My email: astropete1009 @
 Kik: ralfrik

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