hello lovelies! to those who are strangers, my name is kinsey, i’m a twenty-one-year-old girl residing in sunny florida, and i’m currently in the process of finding easygoing and kindhearted pen-pals to exchange all sorts of fancy snail mail with.

at the moment, i’m a part-time sales associate, but i’m also looking for a full-time office job being that i just completed my paralegal studies degree. with that being said, i consider myself as a somewhat creative and rather inspired girl with a whole lot of love to give to those that i surround myself with. in other words, i would give my absolute best effort in showering my pen-pal with long and meaningful handwritten letters along with the occasional gift and goodies (depending on shipping rates and such). all in all, i have an old soul and a determined mind that consists of ways to make a difference in this oh so wonderful, but incredibly chaotic world of ours.

what i’m looking for in a pen-pal: i’m only looking for english speaking pen-pals (with my sincere apologies, but i have yet to master another language). i‘d prefer to send letters to one another through the mail, but once we got to know each other a bit more, i’d be more than happy to chat with my pen-pal through e-mail, skype, and other social media platforms if they’d like. finally, i won’t be accepting nor tolerating any arrogant, close-minded, and judgmental people as my pen-pal. therefore, if you think that you fall under one of those categories, then please carry on and leave my blog. basically, as long as you respect my views, then i’ll certainly respect yours.

likes: my boyfriend, animals (especially cats), electronic dance music, traveling, astrology (my zodiac sign is a cancer in case you were wondering), italian food, building long-lasting friendships, intellectual conversations, buddhism, sharing original (or non-original, but truly mind-blowing) literature, sushi, concerts and festivals, long walks throughout scenic parks, photography, blogging, reading, and the list goes on and on (for it honestly doesn’t take much to please me).

dislikes: both arrogance and ignorance, those who are homophobic, animal cruelty, violence, those who are stuck-up and think that they’re better than others, bullies, spiders, and mushrooms.

if you’re interested: please contact me via e-mail at kinseybingham @ gmail . com and/or send me a message here on tumblr (delightfulnotes.tumblr.com).

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