Name: Katheryn Xavier
Age: 19 Years
Current Location: Omaha, NE (US)

Email: itsdoctorkate2you @

Likes: Anything artsy or theatrical; I love writing and I’ll read most any book I can get my hands on (my favourite genres are fantasy and science fiction). I like to discuss and debate anything from world politics and history to the superior flavour and brand of muffins. My favourite bands are Florence + The Machine, Twenty One Pilots, Phildel, Hozier, and Jonsi.

Dislikes: Eh… Don’t talk to me if you’re looking for a romantic relationship. I’m looking for friends. I’m not overly fond of Republicans, either. If you support Donald Trump, off you pop!

I’m looking for pen pals age 17 and up. I would LOVE international pen pals, but I’m truly not picky about location. I’m a bit of a busy person, so sometimes it might take a few days up to a week for me to respond. I’m fluent in Spanish and Romanian, and am conversational in Russian and French (though admittedly I speak the latter better than I write it). I’m a third culture kid, having grown up in different parts of the world (while living in Nebraska now, I lived in Ireland as a child and in Mexico with my grandfather later on), so be prepared for some odd colliqualisms.

Random Fact: I once sat through a Middle Earth marathon that consisted of The Hobbit trilogy and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I only got up four times even though I’m pretty sure I consumed four bags of popcorn. That’s dedication, people. Don’t underestimate my love for good storytelling.

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