I live in Washington State, USA. I’m 18, but not in college because I’m a freelance writer for websites and magazines, a career that thankfully doesn’t require a degree. I’m looking for someone 16+ (no maximum age) to exchange snail mail letters and small packages with. 

Contact: Message me on tumblr

Languages: I’m particularly interested in non-American pen pals from anywhere, but I’m only fluent in English. I’m happy to help you with your English if desired. If you speak Spanish I’ll beg you to include a Spanish translation of your letter to help me learn. I’ve just begun learning Mexican Spanish, so I’m not even conversational yet.

Hobbies: I’ve journaled for years. I’m typically reading three books at once. For fiction I like science fiction, fantasy, and history. My nonfiction tends to be biographies and information on whatever topic has lately piqued my interest. Cultures, psychology, and education theory fascinate me. I always have some artistic pursuit or another, such as drawing, card making, sewing clothes for my doll collections, pottery, or homemade candles. I’m a jack of all trades and master of none when it comes to crafts. I don’t care whether or not you share any interests or hobbies with me. Just have passion for what you do love.

Personality/Misc: I highly value introspection and self-improvement. I always want to lend a hand, to the point it’s possibly a fault. I’m terrible at picking up on subtleties and need to be told things bluntly. Despite stress, I’m always upbeat and easily find cheer in whatever situation I find myself in. I have SEID, a chronic medical condition that leaves me constantly fatigued (2015 has been a good year). I’m politically conservative. My friends posses a wide variety of opinions and I don’t care where you fall on the political spectrum, but I know some will want a pen pal who shares more of their worldview.

Pen Pal Experience: I’ve not corresponded with anyone via snail mail since I was a kid, when I had two pen pals who got tired of being pen pals after only a few letters. I had more letter-writing success with friends who had moved and adult relatives. I really want to look forward to the mail every day, schedule pen-pal time every week, choose stationary, and decorate envelopes again. Please don’t engage me if you’re uncertain if you’re committed, or if the novelty of being a pen pal will wear off and you’ll lose interest.

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