Name: Annie 

Age: 19 );

Gender: I’m a girl UuU 

Languages: Spanish, english & basic (very basic) french. I can understand it, but I’m not very good talking or -in this case- writing.

Location: Mexico ;n;

I’m not very good talking about myself.

Likes: I really love movies, like a lot. (tv shows too) The ones I like the most are romantic comedies. I love reading, writing, dancing, singing, running. Animals, for sure. I LOVE animals! Alternative, Dance, Pop music ,_, (I don’t fangirl.) I play some guitar too. 

Weird things about me: I like reading shirts and having deep conversations about the most insignificant thing ;n;

What I wish for in a Pen Pal: 

Boy: age 19-21, any country (;

Girl: 18-22, any country.

Animal & movies lover. Open mind. Dreams big. 

I’d love to meet someone from Canada. I’ll move there soon!  

No one older than 23.

How to contact me: 

-Tumblr: ilovenighhts

-Twitter & Instagram: ania018

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