Email or Snail Mail!


Name: Itali (pronounced like the country) 
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Location: North Carolina, USA 
Languages: English

Six things to know:

1. I go to a magnet school (project based; All honors)
2. I was adopted at a young age, but I still know my biological family
3. I love my cat Whiskers
4. I don’t play sports, but I love being active
5. If you’re my pen pal, be ready for a wild ride because my life is crazy
6 I’m always listening to music

About Me: Easy to talk to and get along with, I’m outgoing, spontaneous, usually happy, friendly and I guess you could say I’m an overall friendly person! 

Interests/Hobbies shopping, exploring, swimming, hiking, cooking,reading, doing all sorts of DIYs, gaming, listening to music, instagraming, watching movies/series, doing community service, horseback riding, sleeping(If that counts), eating and I absolutely LOVE playing with animals.
Music: I listen to a variety of music
Movies: I watch all kinds of movies, any suggestions? 
Books: all types, I mostly read off of wattpad 
Television:  American Horror Story, Scream Queens, Awkward, OITNB, Glee, Big Bang Theory
Dislikes: Judgemental people, smoking/drugs, two faced people, Racist people, discrimination, negative attitudes

What I wish for in a pen pal: I am looking for someone who wants to send letters talking about any and everything. I’ve always dreamed of having a snail mail pen pal,so hopefully someone can relate. It doesn’t matter where you live or what gender/sexual orientation you are, as long as you’re friendly and honest . I would like this to be long term so maybe we could eventually visit each other or send each other stuff. Due to my age I’d prefer someone between the ages of 14 and 18 , if you’re interested email me!

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