Hello!!! I’m Srushti. I’m 17 years old. I am from India.

Currently I’m learning German though am nowhere near the point where I could hold up a conversation. Haha!! I would be very happy to accept a little help from any fluent German speaker.

Right now I am in senior year. Planning to study in France or in Germany for next year.
I love travelling. I love Italian food; Mostly pizza and pasta. I love reading romantic novels. I am a hopeless romantic person.
I am huge movie freak, anyone who’s into film, books and music is sure to get along with me. I also watch TV shows.

I guess all I’m looking for is a person to talk and to get to know his/her country. All I want is a FRIEND outside my country. I am fine with everyone as long as you know it won’t be abything but friendly. I would love to get to know you and your culture, no matter where you’re from.

You can contact me through emailing me at
Instagram id:- srushpatil

Thank you.

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