Hey guys! I’m Ashleigh, 20, from the US. I’m currently procrastinating from writing a screenplay , and I’m listening to Memory by Sugarcult. In case you were wondering…

I do have quite a few pen pals but I’m looking for more international friends but, of course any of my state neighbors are welcome!!

Lets see.. I like poetry, film, tattoos, photography, I collect old cameras and vintage/antique things. I enjoy nature and fishing, spending time with family. I work at Vans so my is awesome and I have a shit ton of shoes. I send a lot of stickers, and my letters are usually colorful and interesting. 

So yeah.. If you’re interested 🙂 email me or one of the following:
ashleighawesomee @ yahoo . com
(quickest response time)
IG: ashleighawesomee
Snapchat: invisibleink215

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