Hi! My name is Lauren c: I live in a small town in the state of Virginia, US. I’m 17 years old.
Likes: Animals, music (mainly metal but I honestly can get into just about anything), playing instruments, making new friends, writing, singing, drawing, crafting, making friendship bracelets, and learning about new cultures!
Dislikes: I really only dislike when people “judge a book by its cover” … And stinky food..
What I am looking for: I am mainly looking for somebody to talk to but also somebody to share packages, culture exchanges, or just letters! I’m open for just about anything, but for people outside of the US I would really like to do some package exchanges! I would prefer females, but its not a requirement! No real age range! Just somebody who shares some common interests!
I prefer to be reached on Tumblr ( )
but I am also available on email (lmfisher12 @
and KiK (UnshakenForever)
Fun Fact: I have tons of animals and I breed snakes and lizards!

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