Hi my name is Ciera (On the left smiling!)

Age: 17

Location: Maine, United States

Likes: I enjoy reading(LOVE BOOKS), writing, photography, and would like to get into painting. I play soccer and basketball. Music is pretty rad, I adore five seconds of summer but I do have a wide range in music that includes, alternative, pop, country, and rock. I watch way to many tv shows and movies. She’s the Man is considered a classic in my eyes. 

Facts About Me: I’m American and attend public school, I love animals and have two cats and a dog also I have an older sister and an older brother. I would like to visit Ireland one day as well as the UK. I basically wanna travel everywhere but those are my top two. I’m really looking for a penpal that would be willing/able to exchange small trinkets (for example cards, stamps, souvenirs, and/or books to really get to know each other and learn about each others culture. If it’s not possible that’s okay too!)


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