My name is Sarah. I am 19 years old and from Northwest Ohio, US.
My email address is speart @yahoo .com. 

I love all sports but basketball is my favorite. I love meeting new people and having someone to write about everything with. 

I am looking for a friend that I can email at first. After I get to know the person I’d pretty much be open to any form of communication. I do have skype and if you live in the US I’d be completely open to snail mail after I get to know you. I’d really like someone around my age. Just trying to have a penpal that I can relate to with the things I am going through in life. I have trouble trying to communicate to someone that speaks little English because I do not speak any other languages. I’d love to learn French from someone though. I know little French and always wanted to know more. 

You can message me on my tumblr
I don’t plan on changing my URL anytime soon. Or you can contact me at my above email address. 

Random fact: I love cats? I also work in retail and can relate to anyone else that works in retail lmao

I hope you consider me as your new penpal! Thanks! 🙂

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