Name: Dannie
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Language(s): English
Location: USA
Interests & hobbies: I’m a really creative person so I like music, dance– all forms of art. I’m really into films, and I’m an actor. I love nature and I run a plant blog. I’d love to send you cute lil doodles and other fun stuff. My favorite band is Neutral Milk Hotel, but I mostly listen to whatever’s on pop radio. 😛 Hit me up if you like bad puns, memes, and a supportive new friend 🙂

Likes: Animals (PUGS!!), bad jokes, singing (badly), food (pizza)
Dislikes: Donald Trump, raisins
What I wish for in a pen pal: I want a pen pal who wants to send snail mail, who is very open minded, and doesn’t mind my awkwardness haha.
How to contact me: Send me a message on my tumblr

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