Soldier in need of a pen pal


Name: Lauren

: 18.9

: UK

: British Army

Hello everybody, as you can see, I’m Lauren. I’ve always wanted someone to share a penship with through handwritten colourful letters. You have no idea how amazing the feeling of receiving a letter in when you’re in the Army feeling alone in my free time. 

If there’s anybody out there that’s the type of penpal to brighten up my mail with some colourful envelopes, letters, packages, etc that would be great. Would love to send/receive photographs, mixed CDs of our favourite music, DVDs even, quotes and even art!
Anything that I can keep with me along my travels to wherever it is that they’ll send me next.

I would love to hear from you if this post suits your wants and needs in your next pen pal!

Contact me on email address:

iilollipopzz @

Hope to hear from you soon future pen pal. Stay safe,
Lauren 🙂 x

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