Hey everyone! My pen pal hasn’t written me in months, which is sad and depressing. So, being the little hipster I am, I decided to put out an inquiry for a new pen pal! So if you are looking for someone, read on my lovely! 

Name: Kelly 

Age: 19 years young 

From: Ogden, Utah, US (Currently Attending School there)

Hobbies: Photography, Netflix, Reading, Instagram, Cooking, Hiking, Kayaking, Painting, Drawing, Travelling, Making New Friends, Writing, Hanging out with friends etc. 

  • Obsessions: Succulents, Essential Oils, Diffusers Chacos, Ecuador, Mountains, Rivers, Candles, String Lights, Old Wine Bottles, Bacon, Netflix, Tribal Print, Ponchos, Canon Cameras, Dreadlocks, Tattoos, Piercings, Marvel, Music, Bright Colors Etc. 

Looking For: Someone who is close to my age (17-21) but any age works splendidly! 

  • Favorite TV Shows: Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, That 70′s Show, Orange is The New Black, New Girl, Jessica Jones, Leverage, NCIS, Sherlock Etc. 
  • Music: Wax Tailor, Lindsey Stirling, Pentatonix, Beyonce, Tech N9ne, G Eazy, One Direction, 5SOS, Ed Sheeran, Etc. (I basically love all music except for country)

Contact: Preferably snail mail, or if you don’t live in the US then email! 

Social Media Buddies Always Welcome! 

Instagram: @kellywatkins_19
Snapchat: kellygirl97
Kik: daring_dreamer18

I am a big time hipster and have been called a boho hippie since I was 14. If you feel like you relate to anything in this list about me, then please be my friend! I am super friendly! 

Disclaimer: I am a full time college student, so I get busy. Please consider this. I will always get back to you asap! 

I also have anxiety and depression so if you suffer from that and need a friend, I am always avaliable! 

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