Pen Pal(s) Wanted


I am searching for commited pen pals (= will not bail out after the first letter) from all over the world. I would love to exchange letters and postcards with our (silly, angry, happy or deadly serious) thoughts, ideas, life experience & drawings.

  • Name: Nikol
  • Age: 25
  • Sign: Leo
  • Occupation: Student/English Language Teacher/wannabe PR Specialist/Writer/Photographer
  • Loves: reading, drawing (comics, illustration, silly doodling), sleeping, travelling, taking pictures, watching films/TV series, philosophy, art, museums, libraries, meeting new people, postcards, laughing, trying & learning new things, music
  • Did you say BOOKS?! – I’m a bookworm. I love talking about literature, writing about literature, taking pictures of books, singing about books, talking about writers, dreaming about becoming a writer, etc. I have a goodreads account (we can become friends on goodreads, of course!), because I love sharing my thoughts on literature with like-minded people.
  • (Some of the) writers/poets that I love: Sylvia Plath, J K Rowling, J R R Tolkien, Jeffrey Euginides, Nicole J. Georges, Charles Bukowski, Ted Hughes, F. S. Fitgerald, William Faulkner, Audre Lorde… (yes, a lot of them – or most of them – are Americans)
  • Wait, did you say FILMS/TV series?! – I write film reviews in my first language and sometimes (actually very rarely now) in English as well. I hated The Hobbit, but I loved The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I can’t wait to see Deadpool. I also love European art films & underground films, but I cannot stand experimental films. I also love watching TV series (Orange is the New Black, New Girl, iZombie, Switched at Birth, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Nana, Gilmore Girls…).
  • BEWARE I will watch/read literary anything with vampires in it.
  • Dislikes: all types of insect, boredom, routine, electronic music, dishonesty
  • Friends usually say I am: funny, optimistic, friendly, open-minded, very easy to talk to, a little bit crazy


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