I'm the girl on the left

Hii!! My name is CJ and I’m a sixteen-year-old girl from The Netherlands. My preferred languages are either English or Dutch and I’m looking for someone that is about my age. 

On the picture I’m the girl on the left, with pink hair (this was taken on Halloween this year, by the way).

Okay, let’s talk business!  

  • Hobbies; reading and writing are my life, though I do them far too little. I also love mythology, history and horror. I like taking walks with my dogs, about who I will talk far too much about in my letters, my apologies in advance, the night and aesthetics. 
  • Music; Nicki Minaj, John Mayer, Twenty One Pilots, All-American Rejects, The Pretty Reckless etc.
  • Series/films; all Marvel and DC movies and series, The Mentalist, American Horror Story, and much more.
  • Books; Red Queen (and all the books that will follow, probably), Pride and Prejudice, every book ever by Steven King, The Harry Potter series, John Dies At The End (and This Book Is Full Of Spiders) and all the babies that I forgot to mention but that I love very, very much (don’t worry sweet little books I still love you very much, please don’t be upset with me!)

    Okay that’s enough about me for now. 

Let’s talk about you!

I’m looking for someone to not only exchange letters with, but also pieces of our culture, poetry, or other art (I love all art! It’s just that I can’t draw/paint to save my life), mixtapes and maybe photographs. I can write long or short letters depending on my mood and what I have to talk about. I love decorating my letters and the stuff I send with it. I also like exchanging small packages once we know each other a little better. 

You can find me on:
blackrose76 @

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