First name: Bastian

Age: 21

Location: Chile

Languages I speak: English (fluent) and Spanish (native)

Email/Tumblr: bastidino.tumblr.com

Things that i like: I always like learning new stuff, so im into a lot of things! but mostly related with art (sports ain’t really my thing), i love reading, movies, drawing, painting, dancing, music, play a few instrument myself, also a buddhist. Really love having deep conversations with people, and i dunno, i would add more things in here but it’s more fun if we get to know each other more talking! 

What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy (age, location, language, gender)Around my age i guess, but it’s not really a problem, and well, same language.

Preferred method of contact: (Snail mail, email, Tumblr): just talk to me on tumblr o: 

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